With the current economic situation, it has become imperative to save money in every possible manner so that you will not be overwhelmed with the rising expenses of the everyday lives. This is the reason why it is advisable that you buy used car or second hand car so that you will save money on the car purchase. But when you are buying a used car, you will need to know everything about transfer of used car so that you will get the documents of the car that you have purchased. Transfer is very important step because you will need to get the registration certificate of the use car that you have purchased that indicates your ownership.

With the rise in popularity of the used car, it has become very important for you to get the transfer procedure done at the earliest rather than delaying the process. You should also get all the documents of the car during the purchase so that any conflicts in future can be avoided. The documents will be in your name and this process is also known as RC transfer. This is especially important for transferring the legal liabilities of the car because when anything happens to the car, you will be held accountable and not the previous owner of the car.

The transfer procedure should be done within 14 days of buying the used car so that your name will be enlisted as the new owner of the car. You will not face any hassles while using the car in the future and no one can claim the ownership of the car that you have purchased. It is important that you follow the rules and regulations of the place where you are living when you are transferring the car ownership from the previous owner of the used car.